TOP FIVE DO'S BEFORE YOU SAY "I DO" When you start planning a wedding, you'll quickly learn that everyone around you is a wedding expert: Your mother, your best friend, your neighbor who watched The Wedding Planner and now swears by J. Lo's advice that you can mitigate a self disaster with a "quarter cup of lemon juice, half cup of salt and a loofah. Couples are flooded with unsolicited tips about wedding planning, but what they really need is guidance from a professional.  Wedding Planner Subrina Westberry knows a thing or two about saying "I Do" and can offer a few practical suggestions for couples planning for that big day. First:    Set a budget before you start planning. The number one way to spend out of control, is to  not  start with a number. It's okay to make adjustments, but you should begin with a dollar amount, and then estimate what you will spend in each category (e.g., flowers, catering, attire, etc.). 2. Be honest with ven